~La vié en rose~

La vié en rose~ watch your life through a shade of pink. Way often than not, we forget to take happy moments to their face value. We delve deep into their symbolism and reach a point so deep that we can’t appreciate it anymore. Embrace happiness. Don’t be afraid to feel happy with the thought … More ~La vié en rose~

A rant on Math

“I HATE SCHOOL” my best-friend texted late afternoon today, half-way across the country. “BUT SCHOOL IS OVER! What happened?” I reply as I am about to step into a desperately needed shower. What follows is a completely unexpected rant about her report card and math grades. Something that she had been battling for far too … More A rant on Math

Mended Ways

Wrote this a crazy long time ago and for some reason never uploaded it! It’s a little silly but anywayyyy….. ~~~~~ 10 years. That was a long enough time to change a person completely. 10 years was long enough to for a person to be employed and maybe get a promotion or two as well, … More Mended Ways

Creative spurs

Growing up, my mother often said that you don’t value what you have till you lose it. As a kid, I didn’t pay attention to it. What did I have to lose? The new pencil box I loved so much, which eventually got ruined because of pen stains? Or the Ben-10 Tiffin which broke into … More Creative spurs

The New Girl

Human beings are vivacious creatures, with the most thoughtful minds. We think and conjure up the most beautiful solutions, to tackle what the Universe puts in our way, by using time as our tool. We work our way upwards, tirelessly and without a squeal to refute a problem. But sometimes we are faced with a … More The New Girl


Hi!So I don’t know how many people actually read this blog, but for the ones who actually do, I’M ALIVE! So, a lot of things have happened since I last posted something (14th January) and today I am going to talk about all of those. I TURNED 16: Big thing for every girl, right? I am … More Hiatus


“Cuz I’ve got a jet black heart, and there’s a hurricane underneath me.” These are the lyrics of a song, I believe defines my existence. Not only because it defines the condition of my heart soul-less, emotion-less heart, but it also signifies the reason of such existence. I come from a family of simpletons. There … More JET BLACK HEART